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I’m Brian Fuchs (pronounced fox) and I make art & write in a forest in North Central Oklahoma.  I was raised in Stillwater, OK and then studied at Rogers State University & Northeastern State University.

I lived in Alaska from 2005-2013 because I wanted to see what they were up to.  They were up to some fun things, but I eventually returned to spend time with my family.

My first collection of poetry, OKIE DOKIE, is available now at Amazon.


Where I work or have worked: Scissortail Press (formerly Tiny Buffalo Art) (12/2008-present), Title Wave Books (3/2008-6/2013), Michaels Arts & Crafts (4/2007-7/2008), Borders Books & Music (11/2005-7/2007), JC Penney (1/2006-3/2006), Barnes & Noble Booksellers (8/1998-8/2005), Rogers State University Early Childhood Development Center (formerly Kiddie Kollege) (9/1997-12/1998), Stillwater Christian Villa (6/1995-7/1997), Rainbow Preschool (5/1994-8/1994 & 5/1995-8/1995)

One subject or name for each year of my life — 2019: drifting, 2018:mom, 2017: illness, 2016:roots, 2015: home, 2014: papa, 2013: upheaval, 2012: title wave, 2011: emergence, 2010: bollywood, 2009: oz, 2008: daniel, 2007: david eugene, 2006: heather, 2005: alaska, 2004: lori, 2003: barnes & noble, 2002: mimi, 2001: g, 2000: justin, 1999: gay, 1998: jerry, 1997: college, 1996: france, 1995: travis, 1994: cliff, 1993: david, 1992: middle school, 1991: jason, 1990: augustus & tiger, 1989: crush, 1988: riley, 1987: , 1986: wheelchair, 1985: pink, 1984: , 1983: , 1982: stillwater, 1981: bradley, 1980: infant, 1979: birth.

My blog contains journal entries from my childhood.  My earliest actual blog entry was in March 2001.  I’ve temporarily removed most of my blog posts from 2001-2004.  Some will return, but there is a lot of emoting that felt very necessary at the time, but just seems sad now!

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