For my first artist review, I really had to consider my choice carefully.  There is such a vast world of amazing art.  I suppose it would have been simple to go for one of the greats and write about what it is about Picasso or Van Gogh that inspires me.  And I intend to cover such artists, but I wanted to spotlight a contemporary for this section’s debut.

Leslie Avon Miller has been floating around my bookmarks on my computer for a while.  How I stumbled across her work is now a mystery to me.  She’s a mixed media artist and does beautiful work in paint, found objects, bookmaking, and collage.  Her approach is so fascinating to me.  Her self-portrait series is inspired.

Cracked – A Self Portrait Series

But for all the beauty in her various types of work, I get completely swept away by her paper collage.  It is the simplicity that makes it so powerful.  As an artist myself, and one who works in paper so much, I’m impressed with her exactitude.  My work is volume after volume of wordy essays; her work is poetry.  It’s so beautifully expressed with so little.

I enjoy the process of making a collage, but it can be difficult for me to remain happy with the end result.  And I do believe that is normal.  Leslie Avon Miller has made an absolute habit of making me envious.  I feel inspired when I look at her newest creations and hope to find myself collage sketching soon.  With practice maybe I’ll be able to achieve something similar with my own style.

Go visit Leslie Avon Miller’s blog and fall in love with her work for yourself.

Leslie Avon Miller’s Blog


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