[brian dale]

I’m not a big fish in a small pond,
I’m not a small fish in the ocean,
I’m not a fish at all.
I sneak upon you, surprising you
from beanth your feet.
As you get to know me,
get to see who I really am,
you might be filled with wonder and awe
and think the greatness of having met me.
As I press on away from you,
I fade away into the blue and into
the recesses of your mind,
an image of something that was,
but that is no longer so impressive.
I long to rekindle the wonder you felt
the first time I allowed you to see,
but the second time I swim by
you’ll think you remembered me larger.


This is a fragment, I believe. I am playing with it and tweaking it and making it more user-friendly. An update should be available for your computer soon.

I don’t really know if I need to add something to it. Obviously, it is a whale, but does it need that spelled out for anyone? And what sort of title will it need? Oh, the dilemmas. I feel like it is almost trite and a tad too self-deprecating. It was never meant to seem so sad, but sometimes I can only seem to wrap up my thoughts by ending on a bitter note. I’m working on that. Thoughts? Suggestions? Please, rip this one apart if it needs it.

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