Ivri Lider (1974-)

I discovered Ivri Lider through his pop duo TYP (The Young Professionals).  His music is relatable and smart, and sometimes melancholy.  Often the emotion in his voice carries the song, even when he is singing in Israeli, which he mostly does.  Like most artists I enjoy, his best work is narrative, emotive, or political, but sometimes it is about the beat.  Some of my favorites are ‘That’s How Nature Created You’, “Mazal Tov Israel’, ‘Credit Cards’, ‘Jesse’, ‘Fight’, & ‘I Was Lucky to Be Loved’.  That said, it has really been the work with TYP that I have cherished the most.  Every song seems to be my new favorite; it’s hard to pick just one or two I love.  Based on plays on my computer, it would appear that ‘Be With You Tonight’ is twice as listened to as the second on the list.  Other favorite TYP songs include ‘D.I.S.C.O.’, ’20 Seconds’, ‘All Of It But Me’, and their cover of ‘400 Lux’.  Go check Ivri out; there’s a lot of music listed there to try!

Some fantastic drag artists for you to know!


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