Stephanie Miller (1961-)

Stephanie Miller keeps things clear for me.  I discovered her show in 2015.  While she keeps me laughing everyday, she also is a great person at reminding us all that we have to keep our heads in the game and stick together.  It’s easy to get tired of politics and to start blaming allies when things don’t go well.  It’s nice to wake up to the message that we shouldn’t lose heart.  She’s smart, she’s quick, and she is not terribly interested in the nonsense of the extreme right.  She also has the best guests, particularly her regular guests.  I am so glad that through Stephanie Miller and The Stephanie Miller Show I have discovered John Fugelsang, Frangela, The Rude Pundit, Monique Marvez, Bob Cesca, Suzanne Westenhoefer, Malcolm Nance, Eric Boehlert, and others.

I’m glad people like Stephanie Miller are out there right now.  It’s hard to stay positive in a country that increasingly doesn’t look familiar.  It’s nice to have someone who approaches everything with unapologetic humor.

Listen to The Stephanie Miller Show every morning on Progressive Voices on Tune In radio.


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