Hannah Howlett (1986-)

Hannah Howlett, known in the vegan community as High Carb Hannah, is a bit of a YouTube superstar.  Her videos were extremely helpful for me when I had first gone vegan.  What I appreciate about her approach is that it isn’t terribly aggressive and she includes a lot of information about what she eats and how that has affected her.

I’ve been a little bit torn about talking about Hannah, but I’m not sure what to do with my feelings on it.  You know how someone will say something in passing that doesn’t sit well with you, something that you can’t get out of your head?  That happened in one of her videos.  It was a seemingly small thing said by her husband, Derek Howlett, who is also a YouTuber.  It had nothing to do with veganism, but it made me question his judgment, and I’ve somewhat held that against Hannah as well.  That probably isn’t fair, but I do have to push back against people who intentionally bring hatred into their brains, which I think was happening.  It’s really been a distraction though.  High Carb Hannah is an incredibly wonderful YouTube channel and well worth checking out.


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