Rylan Clark-Neal (1988-)

Celebrity Big Brother started a new season last week, and I’m hooked as usual.  I think what makes this show so great, at least in the past few years, is Rylan Clark-Neal and his show Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side.  He’s exuberant and funny.  As a former winner of the show, he is uniquely qualified to comment on the housemates and their experience.  He is also clearly a massive super-fan of the franchise he is a part of.  I like people who bring passion to their roles, regardless of what it is.  It surprises me that I enjoy this type of show, but I will say in my defense that the UK take on this kind of reality show is much more about the people in the house and not as much about the scheming and plotting that is the US version of Big Brother.  And honestly, I used to love that too.. but it has gotten so overly produced.


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