Chaz Bono (1969-)

Chaz Bono is really an amazing and down-to-earth activist.  He didn’t have to end up that way.  His parents were ridiculously famous, and it would have been easy for Chaz to be a demanding and unfriendly celebrity child of celebrity parents.  But that really doesn’t give enough credit to Cher and Sonny.  White she has been an international star, and incredibly famous, Cher has always retained her humanity.  She seems to have been able to give that gift to her son as well.

Chaz Bono’s story is well-known.  He came out twice, first as lesbian in 1995 and later as himself, a transgender man in 2008.  It’s documented and has been discussed in documentaries and appearances on various talk shows.

Chaz has become a fantastic activist and a leader in the LGBT community.  He uses his name to bring attention to the issues affecting the community and uses his heart to make those issues relatable.

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