Controversies, scandals, coronavirus… it’s a rocky start for what looks like a fun season.

Brita (a.k.a. Brita Filter) — Excellent queen to start the show! I felt like she was about to start hosting, and she seems to naturally fall into that roll. Brita has a dominant presence, which I appreciate, but she has both the confidence and talent to back it all up. Some queens have come in with that very in-your-face thing, but it was more of a facade for insecurities. Brita might be the real deal. She’s quick, she’s fun, and I’m really into it all.

Nicky Doll — I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m still not really sure what to expect. I absolutely love the confessionals, but the misunderstandings will get old after a while. She is giving fashion, and a lot of fashion. I’m not excited about fashion, so I hope we can see more from Nicky Doll. She seems fun, but will that translate?

Widow Von’Du — Okay, I just love this queen. She has such a warm spirit and I’m so glad she is on this season. I think she’ll get pretty far in the competition, but I’ll also admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of her outfits throughout the premiere. The judge loved them though, and they are the ones who matter. Like I’ve said, the look isn’t what draws me to a queen. I’m much more interested in personality and authenticity, and I think Widow has those in spades. Regardless of Drag Race, I think this queen is on our radars for the foreseeable future. (drag sister of Monique Heart)

Jackie Cox — She was my favorite before the season started. That has not changed. This is the drag I love; it’s campy, smart, and well-executed. Jackie is the art of drag. She’s been doing this long enough to understand which lane to be in, and how to use that lane. I’m expecting big things from her, and I’m also fully expecting one or two big misses. When you swing big, it can really hurt when it misses and there will be a moment when things aren’t going Jackie’s way. Hopefully, she’ll survive those stumbles and get to the end because this is my winner all day long. Will the judges agree? We rarely do. I’m great at choosing second place though. Fingers crossed.

Heidi N Closet — I love me a small town queen. Heidi is such a delight; this is going to be the quotable queen of the season. I already want to get myself some “leprosy print.” I appreciated how she just took charge when she needed to in the challenge as well. She is going to be a lot of fun to watch this season and is for sure one of my favorites!

Gigi Goode — Apparently, like most people I had a really high opinion of Gigi before the season even started. I was expecting her to be amazing, and she was. I wasn’t expecting her competition to be so great that she didn’t tower above them as greatly as I imagined she would. She’s young, and some of that has already started to show. I hope it isn’t something that works against her; I’m interested to see where this goes. I’m a little over helmets already!

Crystal Methyd — She walked into the workroom as a clown, and I was hooked. Those promo looks were fine, but at the risk of comparing her to other queens, she was giving me Milk vibes, and we already have a Milk. I’m so excited to have been wrong about that. She is goofy and silly, and I love that. I’m afraid it won’t be a perfect fit for Drag Race, but I hope she’s in for a long time because I am so into her energy. Crystal is definitely one of my favorites!

Rock M Sakura — I didn’t think I was going to be into this queen, but she won me over as soon as she entered the workroom.  I love everything! I hope her energy can get her to the top, because I’d love to see her at the end.

Dahlia Sin — We’ll see. I assumed that Dahlia wouldn’t have much to offer, but she’s actually fantastic! I’m not the biggest Aja fan. Don’t get me wrong, they are amazing at what they do, but it just isn’t as much my thing as other drag. So, I just assumed that Dahlia would be too similar, and I was wrong. Her confessionals are great, her looks are great, she’s great. I love being proven wrong. (Dollhaus, formerly House of Aja, drag daughter of Aja)

Jan (a.k.a. Jan Sport) — So much, Jan. So much. Too much? Maybe. I am a sucker for enthusiasm, and nobody has more than this queen. (drag daughter of Alexis Michelle)

Jaida Essence Hall — That promo look nearly killed me, it was so good. See, I’m torn here. Her looks are really great, but I’m not necessarily that type of drag. It’s beautiful, but what else has she got going on? I’m eager to see her fun side. I need that fun before I can really fall in love with a queen. (House of Hall, drag sister of Mercedes Iman Diamond & Dida Ritz)

Aiden Zhane — I have had really mixed feelings about Aiden. I want to be on board; I want to get it more than I do. I think the biggest issue I have is that she takes herself pretty seriously, and that isn’t always the best place to start. I think the promo look was interesting, but I didn’t like the cast reveal look or entrance look at all. Her mini-challenge looks were pretty good, and her runway was excellent. Rollercoasters are fun, but they tend to end pretty quickly. (drag sister of St. Lucia)

My Current Top 5: Jackie Cox, Crystal Methyd, Rock M Sakura, Jan, Heidi N Closet

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