Top 10 Vegans I Follow


1 Mic the Vegan

2 (Michael Gregor)

3 Happy Healthy Vegan

4 Michelle Lowe

5 Vegan Footsoldier

6 Simnett Nutrition

7 The Vegan Zombie

8 Those Annoying Vegans

9 GojiMan

10 Lilykoi Hawaii


Vegan Recipe Youtube Channels

1 Cheap Lazy Vegan

2 Hot For Food

3 The Edgy Veg

Instagram Vegans

1 Plant Based News @plantbasednews

2 Robby Barbaro @mindfuldiabeticrobby

3 Fat Gay Vegan @fatgayvegan

4 Vegan Mark @vegan_mark01

5 Jon Venus @jonvenus

6 Jonny Juicer @jonny_juicer

7 Lex MacDowell @healthiestvegan

8 Kristin MacDowell @mrs_vegan

Other Vegans I Follow

1 Dr Neal Barnard — Books, media appearances

2 Sarah E Jahler — Website

3 Brendan Brazier — Books, media appearances

5 Dr John MacDougal — Books, media appearances

Inactive / Low Activity Vegans I Follow

1 Bite Size Vegan

2 The Vegan Corner

3 Guilt Free TV

4 Mommy Tang

5 Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

6 The Butterfly Effect

7 Potato Strong

Former Vegans I Still Follow

1 Vegetable Police

2 Jacko Wacko

3 John Kohler (Okraw)*

Problematic Vegans (I Do Not Follow)

1 Douglas Graham — Books, media appearances

2 Durian Rider — YouTube

3 Jeff Nelson — YouTube, Facebook, website, media appearances

4 Unnatural Vegan — YouTube, Instagram

5 Ask Yourself — YouTube

I’m happy to give explanations of any of the folks on this list, just ask.  I have other posts where I write about vegan folks, but I won’t have written about everyone.

*I don’t know if John Kohler has ever identified as vegan, but he used to be a raw food advocate.  If he was, he isn’t really anymore.

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