Featuring poetry by twelve talented writers, including myself, this collection will be released soon. Profits from the sale of this book will go to Amnesty International.  For more information, including links to each of the included authors, visit Perspective to Pen on Instagram.





Coming Winter 2020/2021. This is the fourth and penultimate in my series of older work. This collection is heavily focused on friendships, relationships, and learning to be myself. I am including collaborations I’ve written more recently to tie things together.




The premier issue of Scissortail Quarterly will be released in November or December 2020. I will be editing this magazine, and submissions are being read now. As this is to be a quarterly, I will be reading work all year for this publication.

Submission Guidelines:

• Up to 5 poems or 1 piece of art

• Language is English (primary)

• Will be printed in black & white

• This is brand new; there is no compensation

• Will be published through Amazon, and will include eBook format

• Any/all subjects are welcome with the following exceptions: hate speech, racism, & excessive violence

• While I will read and consider anything, the following are things I love: nature, pastoral, stream of consciousness, freeform, observational, LGBTQI+, elegies, etc.

• Email all submissions at

• Deadline for premier issue is November 15