I had a dream that is obviously about my family. It ran like some sort of music video or animated short. My parents were a pair of love birds sitting happily in the middle of a large cutout in the shape of the US. Suddenly, around them flew three other birds: a raven, a peacock, and an owl. The raven quickly settled nearby, finding another raven to build a nest with. The peacock flew around for a while, but soon settled with a peahen not too far from the lovebirds. The owl, however, after flying in circles for some time, flew high into the air, flew far away, and found a branch in a tree on the far end of the US; away from the other birds where it perched alone.

Updates: no new updates
Activities: worked at Borders; not feeling well, called out from Michaels
Food: 3 biscotti, 2 Diet Cokes, Nachos, tea

Featured Image Art: collage art by Brian Fuchs


  1. Which ever bird I am, I’m insulted.

  2. Owls are more interesting birds, anyway.

  3. And by that I mean no futher insult to Brent.

  4. Yeah, next time I want something in the eagle family.

  5. I don’t know that just because the bird perched alone that it was lonely…I’m just saying.

  6. I’m not even perched far away, but for some reason feel the same way about my own place in my family. Life is weird.

  7. Brent, don’t feel insulted. You are the peacock.
    Jess, I intended the word lonely only as descriptive of the owl being without company, not lonesome.
    Jennie, I seem drawn to these types. Everyone in my life seems to be the odd one in the family who hasn’t settled the way the others did. Is this just the normal way people feel in their families?

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