I am excited about turning 25 tomorrow!!! It will be a pretty easy day and I can forget being broke for another day… I am going to my parents house for the day. The menu for dinner is my favorites. Best of all, Conner and KC will be there all day. That can be a curse too though. I would like to discuss PFLAG with my mom while I am there. Friday, my friends and I are going dancing for my birthday… that will be a lot of fun. I really wish Justin could go, but I understand he has to work.

I felt so bad about not being more… there. I really wanted to get to know him more, but I was so mentally drained that I just couldn’t do it. I think it was a poor idea to visit Robby at the end of the trip rather than at the beginning. I think he is a really cool person, but while I was in Austin I made the decision that I wanted someone closer to me. I know that contradicts what I had said before, but I know me. I don’t think I will give enough effort to a long distance thing. I also fear that Robby will think it is about things it is not about. Blah… there is no easy answer.

I had a really great time with all of Robby’s friends. They are a lot of fun and are such a presence! Alohi especially makes a statement… they were exactly the way they should’ve been… real, but with character.

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