I’ve recently done several things with my books — first, I ordered a few books I’ve been interested in reading (in spite of the dozens of books I have and have not yet read).  Also, I rearranged the books in the house to have rough categories.  I am hoping that makes finding a particular book I want to read easier to find, which is should.  Lastly, I unpacked two boxes of books I had stored away for a while and I intend to unpack all books from boxes over the coming weeks.  I’ve always had a large number of books, but it’s time to purge a few of those.  Purging is always a nice feeling, so I’m not anticipating any problems exactly.  If pushed, I could let go of at least half of the books I currently have out on shelves, so I shouldn’t even be terribly pressed for space.

Here are a few books I’m excited to start reading.  Some of these are new to me & some are books I’ve had for years and I just haven’t gotten around to reading yet.


These are some newer memoirs I’ve been excited to get into.  Even though I rarely keep up with celebrities, I do enjoy a good celebrity memoir.  Jim Grimsley is one of my favorite authors, and I’m very excited that he has released a memoir.  The subject is pretty heavy, but necessarily so.


I have such an extremely long list of fiction books I want to read, but these are sort of queued up as the next ones on the list.  I have read books by Graham Rawle and Bob Smith before, but the other authors are all new to me.  I hope for some good things.

Novels by Raymond Queneau

I’ve really enjoyed the Raymond Queneau books I have read in the past, and I have a few others to try.


Since I’ve been working on my own poetry, I’ve been into reading poetry more than normal.  I’ve read some pretty interesting stuff so far; these are the next three on my list

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