I’ve always felt solitary. Not alone, not always lonely, but content to just be with myself. But I need the company of loved ones more often than I remember and the lack of such company makes keeping my head up an arduous endeavor. I certainly don’t take joy in sounding miserable when all indications are that I am rather happy, but I am not as satisfied with my life as I could be.

I’ve felt hurt by the rather unintentional acts of both of my close friends in Alaska. And while it has been easy to point to them as the cause of my hurt, it has been dishonest on my part. They have been living quite happy lives, lives I am so happy that each of them has found. If I were faced with a life filled with someone to give all this love to, I too might become rather inconsiderate of the feelings of mere friends. But that knowledge does not mitigate the emotional pain. They are not responsible for my perpetual bachelorhood and I don’t fault them for their happiness. It can be difficult to realize that I don’t sit at the center of other people’s worlds.

Existential crises are becoming common. Friends tend to distract me enough to not over think what it means to be me. Forgive my depressed ramblings and heavy heart. I just feel alone sometimes and I just want someone else to know about it. I’m fine; I always am.

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  1. I know you’re fine…I’m also fine…even though I feel the same way about my perpetual spinsterhood..ha ha.

    Just so you know I’m reading Winkie right now (finally) and did read Pobby and Dingan on your recommendation.

  2. I want that octopus necklace. Where did you find that picture?

    And. I know someone else like you – who is content to be, or at least can stand, being alone. I always think I’d enjoy it until I’m by myself … then I hate it. By the way, I’m knocked up for second time in life. It’s Blake’s.

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