My house in a horrible, horrible mess. I really need to do something about it (instead of just saying I will). Blah! There were things that had fallen on my in my bed during the night and I am not even sure where they were to begin with! Awful. Help has been offered, but I feel bad that anyone else has to deal with this. Again, blah. I guess I need to learn how to organize…

Lori was over last night because I wanted to tell her about my mom (which I actually did down at her place, but anyway). I went in to cool off in front of the fan in my bedroom (A/C doesn’t work well) and totally fell asleep. I really didn’t mean to go to bed while she was still here. I doubt very much that she will care, but I still feel a little guilty.

Featured Image Art: photo of Lori at Casa Bonita, Tulsa, OK

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