0607 Mont St Michel7 is my lucky number!  It was a wonderful day.  Breakfast wasn’t all that great, but we soon travelled to Mont St Michel.  Mont St Michel is a beautiful abbey on a rock in the English Channel, just off the the coast of France.  The tide changes so much that it is possible to walk out to another island a half mile out and within the next hour be trapped for 4-5 hours!  We visited all the important places and there was a lot of climbing to do.  However, it was worth it.  On the way down we ate lunch and shopped.  I bought 2 berets at 60f each.  When we got back to the city of St Malo, we shopped for about 3-4 1/2 hours.  I ended up with one deck of poker cards, 1 deck of tarot cards, 2 smurfs, 1 tin-tin, 4 berets, and a word search book.

» 1 September 2007

This is what happens when you take children to somewhere so great and let them spend their own money.  They buy Smurfs.  I still have my St Malo Smurfs.  I actually love them still, but I wish I had found a more meaningful trinket from there or from Mont St Michel.  How was I to know that I would not be caught dead in a beret within a year of the trip.  Several of the berets and both decks of cards were gifts.

» 20 June 2016f1001 copy

I fell in love with the abbey at first sight.  I wanted to spend many hours there.  As we walked up to the top, I felt very alone — not in a bad way, but in a wonderful way.  It was as though I was the only person who existed in the world and I was seeing this place before anyone else.  Each stone made me happy; the sides of the structure were as beautiful close up as they were far away.  There were chains that I felt compelled to take pictures of, rock sculptures that were so beautiful I was deeply changed.  At the top of the abbey sits a courtyard lined in shrubs, perfectly maintained and trimmed.  There was a space where a block was placed over one shrub.  I still don’t know why, but it did complete the perfect lines of the rest of the plants.  I wanted to lose myself on the island in the distance.  The many other tourists around melted away in what would be my favorite place on the planet.  If you have never been to Mont St Michel, it is worth going.  It has such magic to it.

f9 copyThere is something so special to me about this place even today, but it’s interesting that I don’t have words for that.  This happens to be frequently; things I hold close are often the things I find the most trouble describing.


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