I decorated my house for halloween, so I thought I would decorate my blog too. Yay Halloween!!!

Lori & I watched Vulgar and Nightmare Before Christmas tonight. Vulgar was disturbing. I think next time I watch, I will skip over the parts that were awful. I thought it was good. Nightmare Before Christmas was excellent as usual. It was the first time Lori had seen it, but I think she liked it. I enjoy it.

I decided I wanted a movie night each week, so those were the selections this week. Next week, probably One Hour Photo & Eight Legged Freaks. I think for our sanity we need to watch something light after something so heavy. We’ll be on Halloween movies all month! Sleepy Hollow, Strangers On A Train, Mary Reilly, Monkeybone, Gods & Monsters, and maybe a little Harry Potter! I invited Jess to join us, but I didn’t realize I was going to start it today.

Featured Image Art: vintage Halloween postcard

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