I am super happy because Justin has a Xanga. I am on a mission to have everyone I know on here apparently. I think he could really use it though… he has a lot to get off his heart, what with his DID or schizophrenia or whatever he has this week… I love him so much. What an excellent friend.

I discovered that I absolutely love hand massages. I love them almost as much as having my neck and shoulders clawed. It just hurts so good. Yay. I just need to find someone to massage me 24/7.

I really need to get my tag up to date… it is way expired. But I need some damn money. Blah. I also need some new insurance. It is still under my parents plan, since they gave the car to me. I just hate spending money on this crap… but I guess I have to. I really don’t want a ticket/have my car towed. This place sucks. Oh well.

I was given this list of recommendations from Meghan. I thought I would not only share the suggestions, but my thoughts on them, as I am sure she would be interested.

The Kings of Convenience : Quiet Is The New Loud
♣I was planning on purchasing another album by this group already… They are amazing!
The Format : Interventions & Lullabies
♣This was really very good!
Iron & Wine : The Creek Drank The Cradle
♣Excellent disc. Would need to think about purchasing, but I do like it.
Yo La Tengo : I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One
♣This took me back to high school too much. Maybe it is because it is from that time, but it reminded me of too many groups, without the satisfaction of a memorable song.
The Sea and Cake : One Bedroom
♣Eh… okay.
The Starlight Mints : Built On Squares
♣This is an awesome disc… at the moment. I fear it may be too novel for me and I would hate it after a short run.
Damien Rice : O
♣Had it, loved it, got old (played in-store), gave it away, only like 1 or 2 songs now.
Teitur : Poetry & Aeroplanes
♣Didn’t get to… will soon.
Eliott Smith : Either/Or
♣Didn’t get to… will soon.
Beck : Sea Change
♣When this CD was released, I mentioned to someone that I wasn’t ready for it. I knew that I would eventually enjoy it. That time has come. I listened again and love it.
Beck : Mutations
♣I didn’t listen, but I love everything Beck does!

I am coming up with a list for her now…

Featured Image Art: photo of Meghan

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