I saw The Day After Tomorrow. I actually liked it. There was one obnoxious thing about it that I HATED, but it was generally good for an escape. I am excited about some upcoming movies now, namely Spider-Man 2, Catwoman, and Harry Potter. I am a little upset with Halle Berry being cast as Catwoman. She was great as Storm, but needs to stick with Marvel. I would like to have seen someone unexpected and equally sexy take on this role. I would have liked Jennifer Garner, Lucy Liu, or Helena Bonham Carter — how awesome would that be!?!? Maybe Halle will prove me wrong… we’ll see. As a very infrequent movie-goer, I see myself spending a lot of time at theaters this summer.

Justin and I had a fight today. I hate being totally wrong, but I was. He was trying to be very calm about a situation which he knew would irritate me and I blew up (unnecessarily). Being wrong sucks!

I actually got some cleaning accomplished today! I got off my butt and did laundry, dishes, put stuff away, watered and turned plants, and beat the rugs. I feel like things are going to be okay in the house now. Thank you Justin for helping jump-start me.

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