So, I apparently had the flu. Not that I went to a doctor or anything smart like that. But I am pretty sure based on symptoms that it was the flu. That pretty much killed my whole week. I had a fever that I couldn’t break for several days, body aches, and I was so congested. I finally started feeling better on Friday, but by then I was so exhausted! And the days have all melded together and seem to be flying by rapidly. Not at all a fun way to spend my time.

And have I bonded with the dogs? No. I am just not a dog person. They are too needy, too smelly, and too loud. They are cute for about 5 minutes every day, but beyond that they just annoy me. Sorry, dog lovers. I just don’t get it. Maybe if I had one of my own I might get it, but I am just a cat person really.

I’ve got a full week left. My life seems to be unraveling back in Tulsa and I still have no job and no prospect of a job. Life is beginning to really aggravate me. This is the first time in my life I have gone this long without school or work (well, since I was 14 anyway). It is driving me insane and making me poor. And I need to sell the condo. I love the condo, but it just isn’t practical if I plan on living in Alaska.

United For Peace
Peace Pledge Union
Peace Action

side notes on this post: (1)It took too freakin’ long to do. I spent close to 2 hours on it. It normally takes me 10 minutes to write one. (2)I may have some sort of anti-war thing to say later. I was just getting some of it out there now. Will explain later. (3)Seriously, if you have a job opening or need a condo in Tulsa, let me know!

Images: Teri Jo Hedman, “Raven’s Portrait”

Featured Image Art: Kenojuak Ashevak, “The Enchanted Owl”

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