This has been a difficult week for me.  On the 28th, I lost my kitty Franz who was born in my living room 16 years ago.  He has been a part of so many moments in my life.  I’m not sure how to express how much he has meant to me, but I can tell you that his absence is very much noticeable.  I miss him.  I miss him waking me up in the morning, cuddling with me while I watch TV, and greeting me when I walk in the door.  I feel guilty that I couldn’t keep him alive, and the whole week has felt like such a blur.

I was 22 when Franz came into my life.  I really feel like my adult life has been defined by him.  And yes, his mama is still with us.  Molly is 6 months older, and she seems to have not really noticed that Franz is gone.  And I’m glad to have her — I don’t mean to take away from her impact on my life, but they had such different personalities.  Franz was a sweetheart.  He was timid and gentle.   Molly more or less tolerates me.  She is independent and self-determined.  And she always gets her way.  I’m trying to think of a creative way to memorialize Franz.  He deserved to live forever, and I want to keep him a part of my life forever.

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