I was sick all weekend. I started feeling ill Thursday night and didn’t feel better until today. Blah to that. I know I am sick all the time, but this was stomach related. I was also avoiding the phone during that time. Saturday we went to dinner for Jess’ birthday. We had a lot of fun until I ate and became a yucky again. But I am feeling quite well today, albeit a little tired.

I didn’t share something with any of my friends and it is exciting. It isn’t good or bad, just a secret. Technically, 2 people know. It is exciting just to keep stuff from people sometimes… oh, and to talk about the fact that I am doing so. HINT: “I’m an…”

I am such a nerd!

The store managers’ conference is over and we have ours back. Some of her stuff was mailed and haven’t yet arrived. I love this part of the holiday season. She got some fun stuff for me last year since it was my 5 year anniversary with Barnes & Noble, but I expect run-of-the-mill-still-cool-cause-its-free stuff this year. It is nerdy to want promotional crap, but I do.

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