I am sitting here listening to this most painful rhetoric coming from my television. I strongly believe in “anyone but Bush,” not necessarily backing any certain person. When offered John Kerry, by way of nomination, I backed him. But I still don’t agree with Kerry 100%. And now I can’t decide if I should get out and vote or just let Bush take Oklahoma without my opposition, which would not make a difference anyway. I also cannot even choose a candidate based on interest in my own life. Kerry is not our strongest defender, as gays. It drives me nuts that this is where we will be for the next 4 years. I am so tired of a group of people with larger numbers than most other minorities is being ignored. With the exception of the Hispanic community, gays and lesbians are the largest minority group in the U.S. But we have no voice — no real support.

I didn’t choose to be gay; I didn’t choose to be alive; all I can do is make the most of what has happened to this world and pray that one of these days (maybe after I am gone), gays and lesbians will gain the right to be happy. It will happen, so why make those here today suffer.

I am feeling very political today, in spite of myself.

Featured Image Art: Kerry/Edwards campaign illustration

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