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Yesterday was such a lazy day… terrifically so. I enjoyed it though — lazy is relaxing. Jess, Lori, and I watched Survivor (taped) and Will & Grace, ate some yummy soft tacos, and carved our jack-o-lanterns. I just cut leaves blowing in the wind into mind, as it will be up for a few days past Halloween. Not that my decorations will be down until tomorrow, but whatever. Jess’ was scary and Lori’s was silly, which wasn’t surprising from either of them. They are so wonderfully predictable. I like it.


I did it… I can’t take it back now! Lori and I went to vote while we were on lunch today. It actually took a little too long because we were unclear on where to go, but once we got there it went pretty fast. I know my individual vote won’t matter here in Oklahoma, but I feel happy that I cancel at least one Bush vote out. It makes me sad to think that he could win tomorrow.  Blah. For anyone interested, I have nothing to hide: I voted: for John Kerry, for Brad Carson, for all gambling measures, for education lotto, against new cigarette/income tax, for immobile veterans not paying property tax, for Doug Dodd, against Native American tribes being fined for not charging cigarette tax, and against most of the justices on the ballot. That was just to be a dick, which isn’t fair. The rest were thought out votes at least.


Nice has been the theme of the day. We started the day hearing about Jeff’s Kindness Campaign 2004, as he calls it. It calls for random acts of kindness between managers to the point that we actually drew names to be sure we have a person to do something extra for… a card, helping them out, a gift of appreciation… it doesn’t require money. It was interesting because later I was looking at a book about groups of people who don’t fit in, but who have come together. In it was “Join Me!” This group, British I believe, started when a guy took out an ad in a paper that simply said “Join Me!” He has received responses from around the world and the group now has a mission. “Random acts of kindness for random people.” I think it is great. Too often we take our fellow human beings for granted.


I spent hours yesterday morning working on my homepage… hours!  I am pretty happy with it now and it includes a photo album. Visit Brian’s homepage here. Let me know what you think of it! It was fun, but I would like the button at the top to open pages in a new window and could figure out how. If anyone knows, please let me know here. Also, I added reviews. I just put 3 on, but check ’em out.

Featured Image Art: photo of “I Voted” stickers

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