I am sorry world. I am sorry. I don’t understand why people cannot see what an ignorant slut this president is. Why can’t they see that discrimination is wrong in all forms. W supports discrimination. Why can’t people see that minority issues should not be decided by voters. We did not do this with women’s rights or African American rights. Our country was so divided by a minority population to contribute to a civil war. What measures will now be required for me to be a real citizen of the country I live in and love? When will it be my turn to feel free?

Fuck you if you voted to keep this. Fuck you if you want me to be under the thumb of the religious right who have conveniently forgotten that we have a separation of church and state. I will eventually have to accept that my life will never be different. Bush will never give fair attention to any issue affecting my life. Bush will not only ignore me, but will continue pissing off the world through his ignorant arrogance. Allies matter. Fuck you, George W Bush! You are not my president. You do not have a mandate.

Half of this country still opposes you and your “Christian agenda.” That is ironic that a Christian person would support the death penalty, war, discrimination. It is amusing that these are the issues that would define them. Opposition to these issues is Christian. I am ashamed to live in the United States. I am ashamed that George W Bush was re-elected. I am upset that some people don’t understand how dangerous this man is. I want the troops home with their families, not occupying Iraq, where oil reserves forced us into attacking. Bush: Fuck you, you ignorant slut!

This is a sad day.

On the other hand, good job Kerry/Edwards. We were out here. Don’t be disheartened. You had support. I am just sorry it wasn’t enough.

My last post:

Sorry if any of you were offended by my last post. I was upset and I feel passionate about politics very rarely. It was good to release. I just feel trapped by this country lately. Jess, Lori, and I discussed this issue tonight and I feel much better about it.


I know I get obsessed easily, but I am very into squash of all kinds right now and I am on a crusade to get everyone to eat squash. Tonight I made “zingerbread” while Lori made enchilada soup, to which I added zucchini. I got 2 cookbooks and don’t want to waste them. I want to make pumpkin pies from different types of pumpkins, pumpkin soup in winter squash bowls, squash chips w/ cucumber dip, and all kinds of other things. I think summer squash is my favorite food. The zingerbread was excellent by the way.


I overslept because of the election and missed my dental appointment. Lori and I spent the day watching movies, talking, cooking, sleeping, and just generally relaxing. It really was nice. We had a fire going and it felt nice to not worry about work or my parents. It really made me want to start using my fireplace, which I have covered by a bookcase right now. I really wish I had someone to share my life with. Someone to cuddle with.

Top 10 Stores I Actually Shop At:
1. Target
2. Barnes & Noble
3. Lulu Faboo
5. Lowe’s
6. Wal-mart Neiborhood Market
7. Walls Bargain Center
8. Reasor’s
9. Hancock Fabrics
10. Nam-Hai

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