I really love this place, although living here would be terrible. I like to visit though. It is gorgeous with all the trees and when the weather isn’t too hot or too humid like it was today.

Lori and I woke up rather late this morning. I was great to have a chance to sleep in. I think it was 11:30 when we finally got out of bed. We didn’t really get around quickly either. David started his radio show again, so we listen to that while messing around online, showering, and playing some Tony Hawk (okay, that was just me…). We then went for some Starbucks and Round Rock Donuts, which were good, despite my Krispy Kreme snobbery.

We went back to Travis’ after that, basically to drop off Travis. Lori and I quickly left to get our cartilage pierced (sorry Jess… I am super impatient about these things… I would never have done it if I had waited… forgive me). It hurt like crazy. Now I will be sore for about a year, but I really think it will be okay. It’s great fun.

We got back to Travis’ at about 4:00. Sandra was home and changed from work, so we pretty much left for Hutto, where Travis & Sandra just had a house built. It is almost done which I know makes them happy. It is too far from what I already know though. The hippos are fun though.

We called David, who had napped after his show, as we left Hutto so he could meet us at Hula Hut. It was a fun place to eat occasionally, but I can’t imagine it feeling special after going too often, as I understand Travis and Sandra do. I did have a chance to chat with David a bit, which I liked a lot. I guess I should accept the fact that he too is looking for someone other than me. He is just so nice… and totally cute. It makes me sad that I am not his type and that I am so far away… Hmmm… Ug.

After Hula Hut, we went to Congress Street Bridge to watch the bats come out. It was freakin’ awesome. I absolutely love bats and that certainly got my my fix. A never ending swarm flew out from beneath the bridge for 30 minutes before we left. I heard it goes on for 45. It was just one of the most interesting things ever, and I hope to do it again sometime.

Directly after that, Lori, David and I went down to Fourth Street. We stopped first at a bar for drinks… a bar I was VERY familiar with… things happened there. I think it was called Red Hot, or something. We then went to Boyz Cellar for some dancing. Lori and I ripped it up as David cruised the club (). It was crazy fun… I was more than a little tipsy after. Oh, and Lori almost got into a fight… fun fun fun!

Now I am sobering up before sleeping… I don’t do hangovers! I hate them. Water… I need lots and lots of water. I really want a new tattoo now. If I have the money when I come down next time I will definately have to get it! I need time to plan it out, although I know I want it just below the elbow on my left arm. I want it to be like a band, but not exactly… I will post a pic when I come up with it exactly. I also wanted a hook up for other stuff too… one of these days!!!

This might irritate some of you, but I really miss talking to Robby. I want to tell him what is going on, but my stupid phone is roaming down here.

I am sitting here at Lori’s parents’ house. For the past few hours I have been completely blah! Let me run down the day for you: We woke up later than expected, which put us a little later than expected here in Houston. We stopped at Cracker Barrel and had one of the best breakfast meals of my entire life! God, those were good eggs.

We left for Houston, a drive which was not as bad as I expected. Our goal was IKEA, and we accidentally stumbled accross it after I took the wrong exit. I love that place! There really needs to be one in every city — it is better than Wal-Mart or Target or whatever discount store you love… But we were there for 3 hours on a Sunday. And everyone had their kids with them.

I was so sick of all the kids and people cutting me off. It really drove me insane. After being sent all over the store for this DVD holder I really wanted, an employee finally looked it up and told me it had been discontinued. I was so irritated.

We then took our purchases out to the car, finding that they didn’t fit (well, one of Lori’s tables didn’t fit). It was hot and taking too long… and I lost it. I threw everything into the car in a random mess, got in and drove off (with Lori). I was bitchy at this point, but I asked for the printed directions, read them, and asked for help entering the freeway. Lori said I was clear, but as I switched lanes, I nearly hit the neighboring Mustang. I became enraged. See, when I become that mad, I don’t react… I completely shut down. I put in my favorite CD of the moment, turned the volume up well past a reasonable volume, and sucked down 2 cigarettes in a row. I forgot the breathe, making my throat sore and making myself gasp for breath. It was awful. We then went to Baybrook Mall, with intentions of going to Sanrio. We arrived at 6:00. The mall closes at 6:00. Damn!

Defeated for the day, I drove to Lori’s parents’, ate dinner, and withdrew from the crowd playing Cranium. It was nice stress relief. Currently, the game is ending and my alone time will soon be over… I have had enough to regain my sanity.

You will get your cartalige pierced. I will see to it! I do feel bad that I did it without you — several factors were involved. I will take you down and do it as soon as possible.

Featured Image Art: photo of bat leaving roost under Congress Street Bridge, Austin, TX (by Mike’s Bikes)

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