When Good Songs Happen To Bad People:
I finally heard Jessica Simpson slaughter “Angels.” She took one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard and gave an awful, half-assed attempt at singing it. It is crude, choppy, and completely out of tune. It makes me sad that such a gorgeous song by the very talented Robbie Williams will be remembered, if it will, as that one song by a talentless twit. On some level I like Jessica Simpson. But it isn’t about her voice — I like her for being naive and proud of being who she is. She is her own person, but should sing only her own songs so that good songs like this one can remain good. I curse the record companies for such an atrocious mistake! Curse you, record companies…

Thank God, I am home!!! I do love vacation, but it is so nice to be able to relax in familiar surroundings. And many thanks to me for scheduling a day off tomorrow. Yay! My cats have already had enough reuniting (after a whole 15 minutes), so I feel a little under appreciated now. They’re still cats though… I am amazed that the place isn’t a wreck, although Molly was locked in the bedroom. The cats aren’t even allowed in the bedroom… curious.

The Erne Family:
I am so grateful to Lori’s family for their warm hospitality. I really felt like a member of the family while I was there. I so enjoy the entire group, but I was a little sad that Marty wasn’t there. He is a lot of fun. He is also irritating, so maybe his absence this time was a blessing. I felt a little bit for Lori’s mom, who seemed to latch on hard to visiting with her daughter (who is also her friend). It was bittersweet that she so needed that interaction — she must not get much adult attention. Clare was a handful as usual, but not so much as in February. I guess she is growing up. Slowly but surely. Tommy did what Tommy does. He was at his computer most of the time he was at the house. He is nice though… when Clare isn’t irritating him! Even Lori’s dad was friendly. I haven’t talked to him much, but this time he spoke to me quite a bit. He seems like a nice guy.

I was gone for a week and feel like a different person now. Not only am I relaxed, but I have thought through some things in the past week I hadn’t considered before. Maybe it is just the sunburn getting to me… I don’t know. I feel basically okay with David and Jim not being attracted to me. And I realize that I don’t want someone who focuses on physical appearance that much. And I really love both of them for who they are (and I don’t mean in any way that they are shallow — either one). I can continue on being myself. Someone out there is going to love me the way I come. I just need a bit of patience.

Featured Image Art: photo of Lori, Brian, Clare, & Jess in Galveston, TX (taken in February)

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