It has officially started! Yay! I have tons to do tomorrow… egad… leisure time is always so much work… At least I don’t have to go to the store for EIGHT DAYS!!!!

I am glad to help Robby… In a way, it makes me sad that he is so surprised that I was willing to help him out. Why can’t people have a little selflessness once in a while? Everyone: take a moment and do something for someone today or tomorrow that benefits you in absolutely no way. Honestly, it takes just a moment, and you can make someone else’s day just a little bit better. Rewards are not required in this life. And did it take much out of me? No. This selfish and inconsiderate planet makes me crazy sometimes.

I am spending this evening (when I should be getting ready to go to Texas) with Lori and Jess again. We are going to Theology On Tap. Last month was fairly lively, with one irritating woman bringing up the dumbest things. It’ll be fun! Update: (9:38 p.m.) That is time I will never get back… I hated it! The last speaker was so good that I had high expectations… Oh well… Can’t win ’em all.

Featured Image Art: photo of Kilkenney’s Irish Pub, Tulsa, OK

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