Good luck with the job hunt. I am sending you hugs and good thoughts. I really hope everything works out for you. I hope you know that you are a great guy… We talked for 2 and a half hours.. it was great to be able to share with someone again… someone who would never shut me out because of a jealous boyfriend. Not that I am bitter about that situation… Anyway, happy thoughts…

I went over to Jess’ place with Lori for a post 4th dinner & games extravaganza! We ate brats, played Uno, lit sparklers, and had a generally good time. It really felt like we used to… about a year ago. I miss the game nights and the closeness I had with them… which is strange, because I am closer to both of them now than I was then. But it was a shared closeness, “Lori & Jess” as a unit. Things ended up way too bitter and serious several months ago… and I hate the word “hate,” as we threw it carelessly around all the time. They are great… but they aren’t a they. Jess is great. Lori is great. Anywho, this evening was great.

I am a complete moron. I hope he can find the time to forgive my stupidity and will still allow me in his life. I feel like a drama queen — I really try to not be… Hmmm… Sorry, T. Roy.

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