Inventory went very well. My store manager was there with me this time. She tends to freak out about things like inventory, for obvious reasons. But last night, she was able to calm down considerably once she figured out that I knew what I was doing. It also helped that there was an inappropriate interaction taking place between another manager and a part time employee the entire night!

Yay! I will not be losing my house. That is a pretty dramatic statement, but it was a distinct possibility about a month ago. I elected not to tell anyone, family or friend. I think that in reading this some of them might feel slighted and not trusted. That is not at all what happened. It was a very embarrassing situation and I wanted to solve it. I did and I am elated. I just need to be more careful about making my house payments on time in the future… Relief!!!

I think he felt like he was calling too much. I really wish he didn’t feel that way. I will call him today. Maybe he has just been busy… I hope everything is okay with him.

Featured Image Art: photo of Southroads Barnes & Noble Music Department, Tulsa, OK

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