I am in a funk as Lori would say, but I have decided that when I wake up the funk will be over. I had a lovely talk with the great guy (name to be revealed if things go well). I still am a little uneasy. Maybe I will feel better after I talk it out.

Sometimes things need to be about me. I love her, but c’mon. (and f w.i.)

I had to stop reading Every Inch Of Her for a little bit. There were too many catholic references that went over my head. Started rereading one of my favorites, Dandelion Wine. It is the quintessential summer book. I love it so much. The first time I read it was en route to Nashville by plane. It took me half a day to get there (with a layover in Kansas City). I finished it before I got there. It just makes me happy.

What should I wear? Should I get my hair trimmed like I planned? Hmmm…

I should stop drinking so much soda. And I should exercise like I planned. Monday may be a good day for it. And eat more than up to once a day…

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