I can’t sleep and soon it will be light out. I hate days like this (or nights rather). I fell asleep at 7:00 or so, and woke up at 11:00. Now I can’t sleep. I know I will now be tired exactly when I don’t want to be. And the cats want me to hold them, but I don’t really want to. They can play with each other…

I found out today that a girl I work with is a Buddhist. That isn’t a problem, but I have never known a Buddhist (not well anyway). I think it will prove to be interesting. Hopefully she will be open enough to share with me. She seems to be the type.

I need to discipline myself better and write. I haven’t done any since January. I was in mourning then so it was easier. I guess I am just too happy right now. And it is true — I have been extremely happy lately, despite the fact that nothing is going right

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