He was born at 10:00 p.m. Tuesday night (Sept 14), full name Jason William Doyle Fuchs. A lot of names, I know. I went over yesterday to see him and he is very cute. He has a full head of hair and the longest toes ever. It was nice until the room filled with too many people. I then went to my parents house to see them and Conner (my nephew, Jason’s brother), who also has a long name: Conner Curtis Christopher “Jose” Fuchs. He was a lot of fun. I read Danny and the Dinosaur to him and we played with stickers, which he is really obsessed with right now. He will be 3 in December. He loves Jason (at least for now) and was telling strangers at the hospital all about his new brother. It was a great evening.

Here is a picture of Squirt (Conner) with “Duck” and “Bear” who he cannot go anywhere without.

Post Photos: Janessa & Jason; Conner with Duck & Bear

Featured Image Art: photo of Brian & Jason

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