Things I Hate:
•I hate cleaning my house.
•I hate being lied to.
•I hate feeling helpless.
•I hate feeling like I am doing well at my job, but still having my manager hover because she does not agree.
•I hate being out of Big Red (soda).
•I hate sweating.
•I hate avoiding phone calls from my family.
•I hate not seeing Justin anymore.
•I hate being alone.
•I hate being around people when I am lonely.
•I hate my bed.
•I hate homophobia.
•I hate ironing.
•I hate wrinkled clothes.
•I hate being overweight.
•I hate alcoholism.
•I hate money.
•I hate not knowing things.
•I hate Pulp Fiction.
•I hate sitting around doing nothing.
•I hate people calling out at work.
•I hate Janessa being uncomfortable.
•I hate being sad all the time.
•I hate pretending that I am not sad all the time.
•I hate the way I treat people when I am crabby.
•I hate ham.
•I hate having headaches because I won’t put money aside to get new glasses.
•I hate wearing glasses.
•I hate not being able to wear contacts.
•I hate hate.
•I hate having so few friends.
•I hate driving.
•I hate that I buy things to make myself happy because I am never happy so I am always spending money.
•I hate lists like this.
•I hate me sometimes.
•I hate the world.
•I hate that people try to regulate my right to legally commit to anyone I want.
•I hate being out of cigarettes.
•I hate Rodney Dangerfield.
•I hate the death penalty.
•I hate having popcorn stuck in my teeth.
•I hate birds.

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