I fell asleep on Lori’s bed while she was making dinner. I had gone in to listen to a CD I made for my mom while she is on vacation in North Carolina. I was listening to Jamie Cullum or Sondre Lerche when I dozed off. Not wanting to bother me, Lori didn’t wake me when the food was ready. I slept for about 30 minutes and was a total zombie after that. Dinner was good. I also decided that it is silly to try to smoke while you are so sleepy, not that the realization will prevent me from doing it in the future.

I think I officially HATE my hair. I have been letting it grow. Not “growing it out” so much as letting it grow. I need a style… It is bushy and quite long now. The bangs come down to my chin. I just don’t know what to do…

I like spending money, even (or especially) when I know I can’t afford to spend it.

I started to worry that people I work with might read this stuff, but I decided I don’t care. I am not using names on parts they don’t need to know about. Anyway…

Featured Image Art: photo of Sondre Lerche

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