While Lori was here the other day she read this page. Now she is a bit irritated that I mention her so often (especially about scorching the soup). I am putting this in just for her because I wasn’t going to talk about her in here today. Ha! S’Lor…

I need some new pics. The one in the white t-shirt is several years old. I look the same, but have glasses and longish hair now. I thought I had newer options on my computer, but I could not find them if they are there.

Last night I watched Bubble Boy with Jake Gyllenhaal, which was actually pretty cute. It was nice to see Jake doing comedy. I would recommend renting it but keep in mind it is a little stupid.

I picked up David Sedaris’ new book — I need to start reading it!!! I really enjoyed his others so I have no doubt this one will be great. I hope his friend, David Rakoff, writes something new soon. His first book Fraud was excellent.

I hate GDFC. “Idaho” refuses to work with GDFC now — It is out of control. Things need to change. They need to change now.

I really want to find someone. I keep putting it off, thinking I need to improve this or that to become more desirable. I I know perfectly well that is stupid and I would end up spending my life trying to improve. Sad.

For all of you who have asked: I am originally from Stillwater, Ok, where I grew up and went to high school. I currently live in Tulsa. I am a huge Stillwater fan still and most of my family is still there. I think I decided to live my life here in Tulsa (or wherever if I am ever in a relationship and must follow my man to his involuntary transfer) and after a full life, retire in my home town of Stillwater. Mind you, retirement will be an antiquated notion by the time this all happens. I will work until I am 90 and I die there at work: still in debt. I am full of unneccessary saddness tonight…

Featured Image Art: photo of Lori napping in my living room

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