I woke up this morning to Lori knocking on my bedroom door, which meant she was in my house. I stumbled half-naked, mostly asleep to the door where she informed me I had overslept; it was 9:55 and our plans were at 10:00. I got ready and we left. I had her drive because I am sick and didn’t feel well enough to. Plus I took DayQuil so I had medicine head too. I wasn’t thinking about her car not having A/C. Dammit!
We met Jess and Ray at Kilkinney’s with intentions to eat and watch the parade. We changed our plans as the parade was to start in ten minutes or so. After watching the parade we walked in behind to Veteran’s park, the site of the full day celebration. It was nice out, being midmorning and cloudy. By the time we arrived the sun was shining and we were all sweaty.

The picnic was fun; better than most. Chad Allen was there which was so cool. HOT! He was the guest speaker and grand marshall of the parade… I registered to vote (finally!), got a new cigarette case and watched some of the performers. We also hooked up with Justin, Patrick, Brandy, Amber, Sandra, Brian, and another guy whose name I cannot recall.

We finally left at 3:00. Okay, thing is that when you walk 2 miles one way, you have to walk 2 miles the other. Now it is hot and sunny: 90°. It was quite a trek, but somehow felt good. The sunburn hadn’t set yet.

You see, I am stupid! I forgot the sunscreen. Lori and I smeared Aloe Vera Burn Relief all over our just forming burns and contemplated napping. I was not at all tired and, after resting for 10 minutes, neither was she. We spent the afternoon with The Book Of Question, pizza, and lots of Mountain Dew: Livewire. It was an emotional but fun time.

We then went dancing! We met Jess at The Majestic fairly eary as we knew it would fill up. And it did quickly. We danced like crazy — I love it so much. I was sweaty and drunk and grinding with my female cohorts. We all got in the cage and I was jumping up and stratling them and then sinking to my knees where I would continue to dance and grind, my face at boob level. Brandy and Sandra showed up later. (Brandy FINALLY broke up with Amber!!! I hope it is permenant. It has not been in the past)
All in all, excellent day. Energetic day. I really hope everyone who was there enjoyed it as I did. And I really hope the guy from the next table actually brought me home and is waiting for me in the next room in nothing but his cowboy hat. Yikes!

Blatant Ad:
Seriously, If you haven’t gone to Barnes & Noble in a while, go! All DVDs are buy 2, get a 3rd free. Lowest price will be free. I have spent enirely too much on DVDs in the last week. It is a great deal.

::afternoon edit::

I am so fried… My entire body aches. I am supposed to met people from work at Friday’s soon. I hurt too much. I always forget just how much I hate sunburns… Plus I am blue from the stuff I am using. I guess I could stop complaining.

I really must go out more often. I love it and feel great today. As far as my muscles go anyway.

Working out:
After seeing all the beautiful boys last night I think I decided to not just sit around all the time. I want to walk or go to the gym more often. I can’t decide if I want my gym membership anymore. It is a bit expensive. Hmmm… I need to start eating too. I really don’t eat enough to keep my metabolism up. Anywho… Tired of my whining yet?

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