Written 13 September 2008 in Anchorage, Alaska.

Brian Fuchs, “All Growed Up” from Okie Dokie (Scissortail Press, 2019)


Original Version

29! Did I just realize that?!?

All Growed Up

The icons are all dead or broken,
ushered off in wheelchairs and caskets of immoral expense to paradises
surrounded by wildness.
My childhood crumbles without the support of the ones I admired and by the weight of my guilts and follies.
That time of heroes is so distant — it no longer even feels like a dream,
no longer feels like a memory.
The blurred fragments of the Sues, the Mikes, the D’Jeilas… they are fading into emptiness,
leaving me with a search for new people to look up to, if anyone.
I miss the me who was in that time, but celebrate his death.
The me of now is an improvement, a focused replica of an aimless child.
The slate has been cleaned and readied for the new icons to place on pedestals.
Soon, I’ll break out of the thin shell of fear that remains and emerge as a fully complete person.
My wings itch to stretch out and let me fly.



  1. I think this expresses the tragedy and joy in adulthood just perfectly. Bravo.

  2. Yeah, how DID we get so old???? :p Especially being pregnant for the second time and nearing 30 … eek!

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