Planting season is pretty much over for most of us, and now we enjoy the gardens we put together for the summer.  I have been giving some thought to which steps to take next on my landscape plan.  I’ll definitely want to plant trees and bulbs in the fall, and I want to start thinking about specific varieties of anything I might want for Spring 2019.  I like having a plan.  While I’ve been looking this year, I’ve kept thinking about how fun it would be to have a themed flowerbed or garden.

I worry about America’s future at the moment.  I love this country, and it seems like those who do not are successfully usurping authority and trying to reshape this into an authoritarian country.  So, I feel compelled to wax nostalgic about my love of this country in various ways.  So, in that spirit, here are some suggestions for a patriotic flowerbed.

Go easy on the decor and ornaments.  A few things are good, but you don’t need flags & pinwheels & bows covering everything.  Just try some accents.  What I love about the wood flag is that it allows the flowers to do the work, while still giving that Americana vibe.  One garden gnome, a bird house, a few stepping stones, or even an eagle for your porch is enough to convey the idea without beating the theme to death.

Here are some plant suggestions.  I’ve tried to include things that allow for color throughout the year, and obviously not all plants work in all places.  These are just my own suggestions.

Not into the red, white, & blue color scheme?  Try creating a First Lady Rose garden.  Here are some of my favorites:

Adding a military gnome or classic monument can help personalize the garden.  A Statue of Liberty or Mt Rushmore souvenir added to the right spot in a garden would be fun.

Here are some more America themed flowers that I love

Ambitious indoor gardeners might even want to try a First Lady Orchid or two.  Here are two I really like

Want to do something fun, but you already have a garden, why not paint some stars on the lawn for the summer.  Use building site spray paints.  As the grass grows and is mowed, they will disappear, but they will be fun for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or for an event.

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